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Welcome to the Ethical Consumerism website. Here you will find only the facts about how best to make a difference and consume services and products in an ethical way. In order to make an educated choice between fair trade and ethical products, you must have a clear understanding of what the difference is between the two. Let us use the example of the clothing industry , which is an industry that can be very volatile when it comes to fads, trends and clothing - styles come and go with the blink of an eye. Some clothing styles go on to become classics that never lose their appeal even as the generations come and go. Recently however there have been some changes in the clothing industry. So what exactly is meant by the term ethical clothing and what is the difference between that and fair trade clothing ?

Ethical clothing aims to assist with a range of ethical issues that have been around for as long as the clothing industry itself. Some of the major issues with clothing that is not ethical include the worry that clothing is produced by workers in factories or sweat shops that are paid such low wages that they cannot earn a reasonable living to support themselves. The sad truth is that there are many clothes on the racks in your local shops that have been manufactured by such workers. Ethical clothing requires that workers be paid no less than what their labor is worth. Ethical clothing also ensures that the workers be give benefits such as maternity leave and insurance options. If you are interested in Ethical Consumerism , feel free to contact us.

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